wedding bliss
The O'Gorkies
# 60 oil on linen
9 x 12

This piece was created following the awesome Healdsburg, California wedding of our son Ryan Korkie and his exquisite bride, Deirdra O'Gorman. Overlooking a vineyard, the sun was setting on a perfect day.

For those who desire to learn more about this event and/or for those who are bored out of their trees, please feel free to read on........

Deirdra and Ryan were married under an ancient oak tree on September 18th, 2011 in Healdsburg, California. In an idyllic country garden overlooking a vineyard, tears of joy and tenderness were shed (yes, the men, too, were absolutely soppy) as the couple exchanged their hand-crafted vows. Their hopes and dreams for the future for and with each other were promised before an intimate gathering of 64 kindred souls. I’m not sure if I have ever seen a duo so obviously devoted to, committed to, and in love with one another. Be still my heart……………..

The care and organization that went into the planning and execution of the events was truly phenomenal. Deirdra, Ryan, along with her parents Carol and Gene and family carried out each and every detail with precision and perfection. All Bob and I had to do was show up (ha). D’s parents and sister also live in Denver, and thus were able to input more directly. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it :-) . We are grateful for their tireless efforts.

Bob and I drove to California because I had stuff to take down, don’t you know!! We rented The Redwood Treehouse & casita on the banks of the Russian River for a week which easily accommodated our family and visitors.

The first dinner and party was an impromptu affair, hosted at the house by Bob and me. It included 330 handmade (by moi) perogies (Grandma Lena would have been proud!) with all the trimmings plus Bob’s garden corn and cucumbers. And the wine flowed….. About 30 or so turned up the volume so we were off to a roaring start.

Friday was spent doing odds and sods with the girls. Turned out that I was supposed to order the shoes for Kyndal as Junior Bridesmaid but didn’t clue in to it. Fortunately we discovered that no shoes had been acquired so that was one of the sods.:-) Early evening found all of the guests congregated for the welcoming gathering at DaViro Winery. Ryan and D fancy themselves pizza connoisseurs and try to find the best pizza where ever they go so one of their all-time favorite pizza places, Rosso’s, catered dinner via their mobile brick oven. The choice of pizzas was amazing from pear to goat cheese to fig to you name it. Picture perfect weather for this and every event!! And the wine flowed………………and flowed…………….

As a sidebar, I gave up my 45th year RGH nurses’ reunion in Regina that same weekend in favour of the wedding. Agonizing decision to make. Just kidding! To punish them for not complying with my request to change the reunion date, I made sure Judy didn’t go either – she came to the wedding!! Anyhow, we really were sorry to have missed it.

After an early morning wedding rehearsal, Saturday was spent riding on some of Sonoma County’s most beautiful roads. We enjoyed the rolling hills of the Dry Creek Valley, cycling on country lanes, and visiting boutique wineries. The younger folk, which included Bob and me and Carol and Gene, rode the 12 miles by bike. Vans were on hand for the older folk. :-)

A pic-nique lunch at a lovely park at the halfway point provided a welcome respite from all of the boozing aka: wine tastings. Nothing like a nice light breakfast wine with the accompanying morning buzz.

That evening the entire mob gathered yet again, this time at Giorgios, a family-style restaurant. The décor was like something straight out of the Soprano's -- big booths around the perimeter; family style tables in the middle-- all draped with red and white checkered table cloths. Fake rubber grape clusters dangled from imitation vines adorning the trellis overhead. The food kept coming and coming and the wine flowed……………………….and flowed……………………….

On Sunday, the Magical Main Event took place at 3:00 o’clock p.m. There are no words so I won’t even try. The very touching ceremony was followed by hors d'oeuvres, a sumptuous buffet dinner, warm fuzzy speeches, the cutting of the pumpkin cake, and a lively dance. And the wine flowed…………and flowed.

For those with any oomph left, there was more revelry at John and Zeke’s on into the earlier hours. Although Bob & I made an appearance, it was very short-lived. Very short lived……………………….

Monday morning found people leaving for airports and various venues along the way. But first, a delightful breakfast was held at a local French bakery. And mercifully, the coffee flowed…..and flowed. Everyone was very very tired but blissfully happy. What a party it all was!!!

Friends and family came from near and far. Of particular note was the attendance of Hélèn and Alex Hugot from Paris, France - Ryan’s friends from his days in Paris 1991-92. We appreciate each and every one who made the journey and were part of such a memorable time.