Middlemist Manor
Middlemist Manor
# 70 oil on linen
11 x 14

Fifty years is a long time to be married. Particularly if it is to the same person. A rare accomplishment, a feat of endurance even. So to celebrate the occasion of such a milestone in the lives of our dear friends Melanie and Dennis, this painting was created and then hand-delivered by Bob and me from Podunk, Alberta. This family home was specially built 25 years ago and is where they have spent exactly half their married lives - as of this writing. I suppose somewhere down the road they will look at this artwork fondly and remark, "I wonder whose house that is."

The couple's three children and spouses, grandchildren, kin, and friends congregated at the Faculty Club in Snowflake, Colorado on June 16 to offer condol, I mean, congratulations! We hope the best is yet to come...........