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River Side Studio Location
River Side Studio Location

Located on the Bow River and looking onto Ship's Prow in the Canadian Rockies, a more beautiful location for a studio and gallery does not exist!

Within this website, you will find a sprinkling of my artworks dating from 2007 when I first started to paint. Being 61 at the time, I figured that I had better zip onto the fast track. So I participated in workshops and short courses that have beckoned me from then until the present..... The illustrious instructors from whom I have had the privilege of studying under, hail from Canada, the US and international destinations. You can read about these very special personages by going to my Links section.

In keeping with my Universe-given Essence, I wanted to differentiate my artist signature far from the *madding crowd (of artists). A sparkly Swarovski crystal tucked somewhere within each painting fits that bill perfectly and is Oh So Me. As well, the number of each painting subtly appears in the left hand quadrant for the first hundred pictures.

In further delusions of grandeur, it is my dream that someday my progeny will follow these numbers and be led far and wide to wherever my paintings ultimately reside. Good thing I won't be around to discover how many ended up in garage sales! Or worse!

*until this moment, I always thought it was maddening crowd!!