Pic-nique @ Parc Montsouris
Pic-nique @ Parc Montsouris
oil on canvas
16" x 20" approx.

This painting was created following a visit to the 13th arrondissement in Paris in early spring where we met up with Ryan and Deirdra. It was rather a chilly Sunday but we found wine and bread and salad fixings to make the nicest little picnic up the stairs on the right and back in behind them. There were some "more than tipsy" visiting Slavs who were quite curious about us. We communicated a bit by mime and had some laughs together.

I was later advised by a mentor to remove the little wooden fence, as it leads out of the picture and competes for attention with the pond and pink tree focal point. However, I didn't want to do that. When I gave this painting as a gift to Ryan and D, the memories came flooding back and they loved it. Their first comment was that we had had our picnic up the stairs and behind.

Sometimes you just have to go with your gut and not what is technically correct. It hangs proudly in their home as a reminder of a very special time.