Lake MacArthur
Lake MacArthur
14 x 11 inches

This was painted 'en plein air' at what seemed like the top of the world. All in the Canmore Artist Guild group were experienced long-term hikers - except me. I fell into it all by default!! Hence, Rhonda guided me onwards and upwards to this lake, and, novice as I was, I lugged a 25 pound back pack. On our way, I was really struggling and a very nice switched packs with me. As he was disappearing over the horizon, all I could think was: THERE GOES MY LUNCH!! Eventually we again made the switch and I got my precious lunch back. Rhonda and I painted for the afternoon. This overall feat astonished me and still does. Another time, my pack would be no more than 12 pounds. I know I would never have attempted it had I known the degree of difficulty (at least for me).

Needless to say, this painting is charged with emotion for me, and remains in my keep.