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These 5 plein air paintings are the fruits of my labour during a 3 day heli-painting plein air workshop in the Bugaboos of BC. I was on Cloud 9 for quite some time and it was awhile before I came down to earth.

It was one of the loveliest experiences you can imagine. Total luxury, fabulous meals, awesome people, helicopter-ing all over the place to paint (I know, I know -- what about the environment??). I was so pumped and thrilled with what I learned. Robert Genn was the facilitator, along with Liz Wiltzen and Sara Genn (Robert's daughter). Robert is 76 (a young 76, mind you) and a highly respected Canadian artist. Liz is a Canmore/Banff artist and I adore her stuff so was delighted to learn some of her "secrets". Sara's Manhattan life and her artistic perspective were most illuminating.

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Majestic Spires
# 73 oil on linen
9" x 12"
Juicy Juicy!
oil on linen
11" x 14"
# 75 oil on linen
11" x 14"
Watermelon Snow
# 76 oil on linen
12" x 16"
Cobalt Lake
# 77 oil on linen
14" x 11"